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Contact us at or 301-349-0802 to place a custom order.

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Would you like to customize the creation of your rug?  We do not provide a fill-in form here, because the creation of the rugs is not a fill-in-the-blanks process; however, here are some of the questions to answer about the rug you desire:

Size:  Our current inventory includes 2×3, 3×5, and 4×6, and placemats (or small wall hangings): 13″x17″  Larger room-sized rugs can be woven, as well as runners or specially sized rugs for special spaces.

Pattern:  striped, solid color with thin stripes, solid color with southwestern-style accents, variegated (a rainbow effect of the natural colored fleeces).  Please check our store to see the variety of patterns.  If you desire a specific pattern, please send us a drawing or photograph so that we can check with our weavers about the feasibility of weaving it.

Natural colors:  fleeces come in a wide array of natural colors:  white, off-white/ivory, peach light brown, chocolate brown, off-black, black and many shades of grey.

Specific animals: If you have a fondness for a particular animal and would like to request a rug be made from his/her fleece, please let us know early in the season.  Shearing is done in mid-late April, and we will begin the processing of fleeces shortly thereafter.

Your own animals:  We can wash, dye, and weave your own sheep, goat, alpaca, or llama fiber into a custom-built rug.  Quantities of fiber requirements, vary, but in general, we need the following:

  • for a 2×3 rug, 3.5 pounds of washed fiber (about 6 pounds of raw sheep wool or 4-5 pounds of llama/alapca/mohair)
  • for a 3×5 rug, 7.5 pounds of washed fiber (about 14 pounds of raw sheep wool or 9-10 pounds of llama/alapca/mohair)
  • for a 4×6 rug, 11.5 of washed fiber (about 19 pounds of raw sheep wool or 13-14 puonds of llama/alapca/mohair)

These are approximate weights only.

Unless otherwise specified, all rugs will be blended with a creative mixture of colors and textures, and so there may be more than one animal included in any given rug (they are happier in a group flock, anyhow!).

Finish:  hemmed or fringed.

Contact us at or 301-349-0802 to place a custom order.

Custom orders will take up to 3 months for processing, spinning, weaving, and finishing, so if you wish to place gift or holiday orders, please do so early!