Rugs for Life are incredibly soft, strong, beautiful creations made from the fleeces of sanctuary and fiber companion animals.


The rugs are created from the fiber of sheep, goats, alpacas, and llamas.  All fiber was all hand washed in mild soap, hand dyed, and hand-woven.

Compassionate and Humane

The animals who contributed to these rugs are all companion animals, living in permanent sanctuary and as companions.  They were not harmed in the process (aside from mild embarrassment at becoming naked);  all animals were gently and compassionately sheared by Farmer Anne of Star Gazing Farm.

Durable, Lasting

These rugs are strongly constructed, averaging a half-inch in thickness.  Wool is incredibly durable, and can be easily cared for.  These are rugs you will keep for a lifetime!

Unique Creations

Each rug is unique, and will forever remain so.  Fiber animals, particularly sheep, change colors somewhat each year.   All of the white, beige, brown, and black shades are the natural colors of the animals the fiber came from.  The bright colors were hand dyed and the next dyeing session may result in different color combinations!

Rugs for Life is a project of Star Gazing Farm, an animal sanctuary in Boyds, Maryland, and all sales benefit the sanctuary animals.